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Pashma, in its Cashmere Mill, has been transforming genuine cashmere fibres into everyday luxury apparel and accessories for the last 20 years.

With over 3 million immensely satisfied customers in every region of the planet, Pashma has been available on international flights of the most prestigious airlines like Swiss Air, Lufthansa, Air France, Alitalia, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, to name a few for many years.

Pashmina scarves of cashmere and its blends and a repository of 14000 exquisite prints, each individually created by the design team, have led to the evolution of a major worldwide fashion trend that sustains neckwear today.

Pashma’s Pashmina range is unquestionably the widest in the world and is the result of an incredible spirit of innovation, design, and entrepreneurship of its owner Shilu Kumar.

The iconic Pashma Pashmina scarves make a perfect gift for all seasons and all reasons.

Art, Aesthetics, Design, Colour and Pashma’s magical, sensual tactile touch all contribute to the creation of a unique cashmere brand — utterly feminine, refined, functional, and inclusive.

Pashma redefines contemporary luxury.

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