The real deal in cashmere

Our products have been tested at laboratories across the world and meet the most stringent standards of cashmere purity.

Why? Because we source our cashmere fibers directly from herders and convert them into finished products in our very own mill (hyperlink to the boutique mill). We therefore know what our products are made of.

Why does it matter? Quite simply, cashmere costs more than silver. Would you be okay with buying adulterated silver? No, right? Then why would you buy adulterated cashmere?

You should know…Our cashmere fibers are obtained from the Changpa herder communities (hyperlink to origins) in Ladakh—a Himalayan plateau in Northwestern India—who have reared cashmere goats for generations and practice selective breeding to preserve the purity of their goats.

Cashmere with a conscience

For centuries, craft has remained India’s best-kept secret. And, at a time when fast fashion giants are threatening independent craft collectives, we want to shine a light on the rich textile heritage of India. It’s at the heart of everything we do.

You should know… All our products incorporate India’s rich textile traditions. From a handwoven jacquard shawl to the delicate hand-roll finish on our jumpers, all our products embody an artisanal character. Our products are hand-dyed and we stay true to the craft of silkscreen and woodblock printing. We are inspired by the eclectic creativity of India’s textile traditions that we faithfully translate into a contemporary language.


Forget traditional retail markups. You can now buy cashmere directly from the mill.

Our end-to-end integration means that we spin our yarns, weave and knit our fabrics and even dye and print our products ourselves.

By procuring cashmere fibers directly from the herding communities, we eliminate costly intermediaries can sell high-quality cashmere products at prices that are 50 per cent lesser versus traditional retail.

Reinventing Cashmere

Our end-to-end manufacturing allows us to experiment with different yarn combinations and blends. We continue to push the envelope of cashmere transforming it from a classic winter staple to a truly year-round trans-seasonal indulgence.

You should know…We blend cashmere with the most unexpected yarns such as linen and organic cashmere creating lightweight and airy fabrics, meaning you can experience the sensual touch of cashmere year round no matter which part of the world you live in.

What’s more, we combine our state-of-the-art technology with traditional craft. Luxurious fine knits woven on an Italian spinning system are canvassed with intricate motifs in the most vibrant colors embodying our Indian heritage—we want you to experience the best of Jaipur and Biella at the same time!

The Cashmere Family

We are proudly a first-generation family business and imbibe this family culture across our organization.

Passionate about textiles, we embarked on an ambitious journey to indulge our love for textiles and to present the finest textile traditions of India to a truly global audience.

We love what we do and the people we work with although (trust us) we do have our days!

But more importantly, our family-minded approach is very much reflected in our business.

We seek to create a legacy to pass onto future generations. And to create that, we need to think about all our stakeholders—clients, artisans and the environment.

For our customers, we need to stay true to our core promise—to produce authentic cashmere products of exceptional design and quality that our clients enjoy wearing and pass onto their loved ones like a cherished heirloom.

For the environment, we minimize wastage of cashmere fibers during our manufacturing processes in response to the deforestation that is occurring due to the increasing population of cashmere goats to meet global demand.

Our artisans and herders carry on the legacy of their craft passed on by their ancestors. However, they can only continue to do so only when they are paid a fair contribution for their vocation.

We are committed to building an equitable and sustainable value chain (hyper link) not only because it is important to our customers- it is central to the continuity of our business!

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